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        Creating a new world-class fashion industry in China

        Established in 1988, Heilan Group is headquartered in Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province, China. Adhering to the enterprise spirit of excellence and innovation, Heilan Group develops itself with quality and empowers itself with brands from the production of textile fabrics to the operation of brand chain, by steadily expanding and strengthening the garment business. After more than 30 years, Heilan Group has become the most valuable leading enterprise in China's garment industry and formed a modern investment holding group with the coordinated development of five industries, including the garment business as the core, and financial investment, business management, cultural tourism and new energy as well

        Creating magnificent cause in a broad range

        Chairman of Heilan Group and Secretary of Heilan Group—— Zhou Jianping

        [As of December 31, 2018]


        Committed to a world-class modern diversified holding group

        1. Heilan Clothing
        2. Heilan Investment
        3. Heilan Property
        4. Heilan Cultural Tourism
        5. Heilan New Energy

        New & trends


        Social Responsibility

        Over the years, Heilan Group supporting disaster relief, poverty alleviation, cultural, educational and other public welfare undertakings,
        and become an outstanding representative of China's private enterprises who contribute love and give back to the society

        Join Us

        The most suitable candidates are chosen rather than the best ones

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